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Crystals + Polaroids. Lessons from Seeing my Aura

It was a frustrating day in NYC where everything felt…frustrating. I’m pretty sure it was raining, but that could just be my memory of what a crappy day in the city looks like. I was on the verge of making a very big life change. I was pissed about how people were dealing with some things. And not so proud of myself for my own emotional reactions. And the fire was in my cheeks from one too many hours from my panties being in a wad. And too much talking about it. Too much caring about silly shit, really. Where’s hindsight when you need her?

I stood in Chinatown (cue possible rain) where I was supposed to be meeting my friend. The moment I saw her smile and gave her a big hug I tried to let the crap of the day wash off of me. After all, what kind of aura reading would be a positive one with this much negative emotion rocking around in my body. So I did my best to let it go.

My visions of what an aura reading experience would be couldn’t have been more wrong. There wasn’t a dark, velvet-filled room with a witchy old woman in a hood. No, there were just a couple of perky middle-aged asian ladies, bright lights, clear cases of crystals, a giant quartz next to a chair, and a polaroid camera on a tripod.

So I did what apparently you do when getting an aura read. I held the giant crystal. Tried to center myself. Attempted to take in the beautiful energy of my dear friend. And prepared to be seen.

One bright flash and a couple minutes of not-so-patiently waiting for the polaroid to develop, I had an image of my aura. Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 8.45.14 PM

What I was told was that the green was abundance coming in. The yellow was my inner joy and a sign of motivation. And the red was fire of the present and my bright heart. Yes, yes, and yes.

It was yet another reminder that our energy is real.

Positive confirmation of the future, no matter how quirky, feels good when it resonates. We’re a self-fulfilling prophecy after all.

I didn’t expect to find this experience in the way that I did. And I came out feeling way different than I went in. Every experience is a teacher.

So when you have the chance to be open. Stay open.

When the #universe hands you a beautiful experience that has the power to change your entire mood… accept it. Allow your mood to be changed by a smile, a laugh, a friend, or something lovely. Accept that gift.

If you’re frustrated. Let it go as quickly as it came on.  Don’t ride it through your day to an aura reading.

Friends are treasures. They’re teachers. They’re givers of new lessons and wonderful memories. Cherish them all.

It’s all about experience, this wild journey. Experience it fully. Experience it with fresh eyes. Experience it with grace and without attachment. Keep experiencing. Keep living. Keep being curious.

It just might land you with a beautiful picture of your always glowing aura.

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