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Manifest your best year ever. What’s bullshit and what’s real power.

Manifest. Snap your fingers. Wiggle your nose. Click your little heels together. And wave a wand around for everything you want.

So simple. So magical. All you have to do is think about what you want. Focus on it. Grab some magazines, hit up the art store for some glue and a canvas, and you’re just a vision board away from having the future of your dreams. Right?

You and I both know there’s more to it than that. Ever since I used to keep The Secret on replay in my college dorm, I felt excited about attracting into my life what I wanted, but confused that it can’t possibly be as simple as hanging up pictures of my future home, future man, future bank accounts in a picture frame on my wall. And thinking about it all the time. If that’s manifesting… Then I was ready to call BS.

It’s not all bullshit though. Just like anything else, it’s context. Manifesting—attracting into your life what you want—is powerful. It’s life-altering. It’s modern day magic. But it’s often wrapped up in a lot of ineffective woo woo that won’t do you any good.

There are about 350 days ahead to bring a hell of a lot of magic into your life. I don’t think I’ve ever realized the power of a single year until this last one… a year can be a blink of monotony or 12 months of adventure and progress. You get to choose with how willing you are to step up. Face fear. And focus on the things that will draw big, beautiful magic into your life.

BS: Cutting out pictures of what you want.

Vision boards. Goal sheets. Pinterest dreams. They’re great visuals. But they’re not enough. And getting hung up on the specificity can cause real blocks in the goodness and glory the universe has to offer you.

Real power: Big picture, give space for greatness.

Try getting clear on the big picture visions of what you want your life to look and feel like. Step away from the specific color door and step toward the desires of your future: love, partnership, charity, community, freedom. When you focus on the big things, you allow the universe to step in and give you a whole host of options to fulfill that.

BS: Taking time out of every day to think about what you want.

I meditate every day. And in that meditation is always an exercise to envision the future. It’s telling. Beautiful. And a way of drawing that future near. However, it’s no where near enough to manifest it. And it’s pretty useless on its own.

Real Power: Monitor your thoughts the rest of the day.

Our outward world is merely a physical manifestation of our inner one. So if you’re not yet getting what you want, pay real close attention to your thoughts. What’s going on in that head of yours. Is it negativity and pessimism? Are you constantly doubting and beating yourself up? Those thoughts are energy and that energy creates your whole world.

BS: Always thinking about what you don’t yet have.

The tricky thing about manifesting is that when done wrong it puts an emphasis on lack. You’re always thinking about what you don’t have.

Real Power: Be grateful for what you have.

Manifesting what you want to show up in your life while also showing epic gratitude for what currently exists? Real, solid, power. When you consistently thank the powers at bay for what you have and love, more of that will show up in your day.

BS: Always being positive.

Hi, positive polly over here. It’s a beautiful thing to be someone that puts out positive energy and emotion. However, pep and a smile isn’t enough to bring in that life you want.

Real Power: Alter what you believe.

What do you really believe? About yourself. About what you deserve. About your worthiness. About money. About love. Those stories that you hold true create patterns of outcomes in your life. Shifting what you believe by really going inward, focusing on yourself, paying attention to your thoughts, and doing real work to get past those limiting belief systems will put you on a path to accomplishing more than you could ever imagine.

Submit to the real power and you’ll wake up one day realizing that you’re indeed living the life you’ve been manifesting all along.

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