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Take a massive risk. And what to do if you’re scared panty-less

There’s a reason the word ‘risky’ makes your stomach knot just a tid bit. The thought of it feels scary. The outcome is unknown. And that’s equal parts nauseating with just a hint of thrill.

The fear that pounds your soul when you’re considering something risky is…intense. That risk, the one that secretly excites you but you’re scared pantyless to do—it’s the one you must.Must put aside logic to accomplish. Must get your heart to follow. Must look fear back and say, “Move ova’ bitch!”

Because that risk. That leap. It’s so much more than your reward. No matter how it turns out. It’s your path.

If you’re feeling a little tingle of ‘oh crap, I know my big risk. I know the thing I’m scared to do. Sometimes I think about it at night and I shush it away. And when it bubbles back up, I try and ignore it because it’s not reasonable. Or normal. ‘

Remember, leaps never are normal. That’s why they’re risky. But they’re the ones that make you grow. They’re the moments in life that make you proud. The leaps are the living—living your most expressed, truest life.

If you’re feeling it. If you know that thing…your risk…a whisper…but you’re so damn scared. I know. I’ve been you. I’ll continue to be you because leaps never stop feeling risky. But there’s a bright light in sight.

Here’s the one thing that always helps:

  • Write out in as much detail as you can muster: what’s my worst case scenario? what does a real, bona fide the worst that can happen situation look like? Details. Details. Details. Let yourself get antsy with the answer.
  • Once you’ve gotten it all out. Review. Is anyone physically injured? Is this something you can handle if it even happens that way? (Note: It normally doesn’t.)
  • When you’ve got your head wrapped around “the worst outcome you can come up with,” it becomes a lot easier to leap.

When I heard the whisper to leave everything I knew, move to Bali—a place I’d never been—and launch this new business and chapter of my life… vomiting felt like a real possibility. But anything other than doing felt like living a lie. I had a million reasons and one about why it wasn’t possible. And then I had another billion on top of that. It wasn’t until I wrapped my head around the very worst that I could immediately take action. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Everything on the other side of your big risk?? Life-changing magic.


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  1. I love this! It’s of course always a lot easier to remain in our comfort zones than to flirt with the idea of ever stepping out. But I love the practicality in thinking about the worst possible outcome – I had never thought of that before. Definitely a piece of advice I’ll carry with me.

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