Maxie McCoy

Trying to be cool is just confusing. Get Real. Get Great.

Nobody cares. They don’t care about how perfectly you just rattled off your bio. They don’t care about your title. Or your company. Or the hair you’re worried is frizzy. All they care about is what you’re thinking of them.

And you’re caring about what they think of you.

So both parties do this weird tango—a stiff dance of one-upping each other. Who’s more fabulous. Who’s job is more perfect? Who’s got what? Been where? Done that?

You know the conversation I’m talking about. I’ve been guilty of the weird tango more times than I can count. Lately, because I was trying to validate myself through my work.

It went a little something like this:

Early 2015

Mom: “Maxie, what do we tell people you’re doing again?”

Me: “It’s a digital personality! I have a platform to x, y, z, yada yada I’m fabulous BS”

<insert my mother (and every other person’s) scrunched look of confusion>

Note that I really believed what I was saying. And describing. But there was also an air of I’m on my own, I need people to get this, I need them to approve. So play cool.

Then, after many a war room session of simplifying everything to get clear on what I really do. Like the real Maxie magic. It’d never gotten so clear. The words had never felt so real. I’d never felt so me.

Late 2015

Mom: “Maxie, what do we tell people you’re doing again?”

Me: “Writing and Speaking”

<insert clarity in her eyes. And everyone else’s. Being real. Not cool. Works every time.>

We’re all going to try and play cool at some point. Not always because we want other people’s validation. But because we’re making up for what we don’t feel for ourselves.

And you know—boyyyy do you know—every single time you’re playing the I’m cool please like me game. You know it. Sometimes it pops up out of no where. Just tumbles out of your mouth. Your coolness, begging for airtime.

But when you can get real, something amazing happens. You feel it in your skin. You feel your power. You really don’t give a damn if other people like you. You don’t need validation. They could say anything they wanted, and because it’s your truth—it’s the realness that you own—you’ll feel grounded in personal expression and strength.

Realness leads you to greatness. So drop the cool and get going. 




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