Maxie McCoy

Collective. Clique. Community. Coming together is our greatest force.

You know about the power in numbers. I know that two is better than one. We know.

We know that more voices makes it louder. More (wo)man power makes it easier. More hands lessen the load. More ideas create better solutions. More energy can lift a room. More feeling can literally move you.

If. And only if. It’s not just about more. It’s about the direction of that energy and those people. It’s about alignment. It’s about moving, going, reaching, and pushing in the same direction.

More voices saying different shit at different levels is just obnoxious cafeteria noise (god bless you, teachers).

More power not working in unison is just disaster.

More hands with different goals goes nowhere.

More ideas solving different problems creates chaos.

Coming together with alignment and love though, that changes everything. You become greater than the sum of your parts. You learn a strength you didn’t know you had, feeding off energy. Committed to something outside yourself. Creating for something collective.

When you come together, you feel protected in your numbers and in your love. When you come together in support, you feel nourished and energized. When you come together to learn and listen, you end up transformed.

Who’s your clique? Who’s your tribe? And what happens when you come together?

When you and the crew circle around Bestie A to make her feel better about Asshola B … She ends up with an entire night of shoulders to cry on, wine to gulp, and laughter to make her momentarily forget the heartache.

Who’s your community? Who’s your collective? The ones that know your calling and push your momentum?

When you open up about that big goal, the one that requires you to ask for help, your collective responds immediately with “On it. Go girl. I’ve got you.” Suddenly dreams become reachable. Your reach becomes longer through the support of your community.

Coming together causes miracles in our lives. We have a ‘me too’ moment and immediately feel peace with our own journey. In the summoning of the troops, the ones that know you. Get you. The one’s that don’t, but get it. You’ll see magic.

As the success begins to lift you. They will support your rise.

As setbacks push down hard. They will kneel to your fall and whisper I’ve been there. Press on.

When everything feels like it’s in flames, they will stand in the fire long enough to show you none of this is real.

And when fear threatens or pain comes piercing. They will circle your soul in defense.

And how it all works?

You give your love in alignment to accomplish a common goal. Show up. It matters. It will come back ten fold.

You give your energy generously to help a common cause. Even a dollar. Even a vote. Even a call.

And the giving becomes getting right when you need it most. A circle to protect you. A community to lift you. Your greatest force.

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