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Everything you need to know about protecting your magic

Your magic changes everything. Your magic, in case you were wondering, is the way you change the world. It’s your love that warms the people around you. It’s your energy that lights up rooms. It’s what grounds those around you. It’s your warmth that brings smiles to strangers and dries the tears of besties. Your magic is that cute way you tell stories like only you do. The inspiration you cultivate like only you can. It’s your big laugh and crazy gestures. It’s the shameless repeat of your favorite song and those crazy tweets that we all just love.

Your magic is your essence. And your essence is your love. And your love is all you really have.

It’s all you have to create a big life. It’s all you have to make dreams happen. It’s all you have to take big leaps. It’s all your have to create expression. It’s all you have to make the big change you want to see in this world, whatever that change might be.

And what so many miss, and what we all seem to realize a little too late, is that you have to boldly protect your magic. You’ve got to protect it from people who think it should look differently. You’ve got to protect it from people who will suck your magic dry. You’ve got to protect it from losing it’s luster. You’ve got to protect it from the you that wants to please.

When we lose our magic and lose our hum, that thing inside of us that makes us perk, act, and expand, it’s because we’ve done one or many of these things:

  • Put other people first.
  • Said yes when we should have said no.
  • Thought busy was the answer.
  • Put self care in the back seat.
  • Tried to be someone else’s version of magic.
  • Ignored our gut.
  • Shut down our opinions and feelings.

Yupppppppp. Guilty. Hand-waving guilty over here. Even though I write. Speak. Gush over not making the mistakes above. We all do it. I most definitely do. Some of us are farther down the path and check off all of the bullets. Some of us have learned some hard lessons and are wildly conscious of not making some of those mistakes again.

They’re not always big moments either. Last week I had a few days where I really needed to get some creative things done. I needed to work on some thoughtful writing. I needed to be in a place of genuine expression and creation. The scheduling space I had set aside somehow withered into almost nothingness. A few of my besties called me. A family member facetimed. A man friend was text chatty. A galpal was ghcatting. And me? I was pumped to talk and catchup with all of them. I picked up the phone. I answered the chat. I facetimed. I flirted back. I responded to an email that wasn’t urgent to me but important to them. And I walked out of my house hours later bummed I didn’t get what I needed to get done and questioning why I picked up the phone every time I got a call. Answered every message. Instead of just ignoring them. Instead of protecting my energy and time that was carved out for something super important.

I failed to safe guard my energy. I didn’t honor my time. And I dropped the ball on protecting my magic that day. I was drained by the end of it with nothing left to put into creation and needing to reset all together.

That’s the thing about your magic and protecting it. It happens in the tiny moments throughout your day. It’s thousands of little decisions that eat away at how you want to show up and where you’d like to contribute.

So pay attention, closely, to where your magic needs a body guard. One who can slap the phone out of your hand. One that can shut down your email. A big oversized scary bouncer who can say no, not because you have something else to do, but because doing nothing is exactly what you need. Doing you is exactly what will allow you to create scaled magic in other people’s lives. It might be hard now but it will pay off later, for you and for all that have the gift of knowing you, working with you, and learning from you.

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