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3 ways to bust the BS about achieving balance.

There’s a reason balance exists. Remaining in equilibrium is integral to even the most simple of actions—like standing without falling down. Or getting sick. Or staying sane. The shifting across all parts of life is constantly in flux so that we remain in balance.

It’s important, obviously. But it’s rarely going to feel like we ever have it all equaled out.

Equal parts work…Equal parts life never happens.

Equal parts friends…equal parts family doesn’t exits.

Equal parts rest…equal parts momentum is not a thing.

Equal isn’t the same as balance. And balance is only realized with a birds-eye view over the timeline of our lives. It rarely feels like balance while we’re in it.

There was a time in my career when I’d be so crazed, traveling from city to city, constantly speaking to people, and ON ON ON. I was energized by it, surely. But then I’d come home to San Francisco and need and want to lock myself in a room and not see another human for a while. That would last approximately 24 hours. And I’d be back at to jamming 29 hours into a 24-hour day, wishing I could have a week to myself to just be normal and not have so much to do.

Then, when I’d  have weeks that didn’t include any travel and I didn’t have to talk to anyone other than my nearest and dearest, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Without a packed and flashy schedule, I’d question myself during the lulls. I’d wonder if I wasn’t working hard enough. Or if I should be doing more. Or if I was lazy.

Does it sound crazy, yet? Right. Because from the outside in it sure seems like it.

What it took me a number of years to realize is that there are always going to be cycles in this process of life. And balance is realizing them and reveling in them. Balance is knowing that some weeks things will be crazy and some weeks things will be dull. Balance is honoring that there will be certain periods of innovation and certain periods of reflection. Balance is treating yourself with kindness both when you want to retreat from the world and when you want to be out there and flashing. Balance is cultivating some times and creating some times. Balance is appreciating daily and desiring daily.

Balance happens when you learn to stop trying to equalize.Tweet: Balance happens when you learn to stop trying to equalize. @maxiemccoy

So when you’re feeling out of balance, try this:

  1. Honor where you’re at. Try and identify what phase of life you’re in. Are you pushing for the right reasons? Or retreating for your best interest? Know wherever you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be.
  2. Understand what you need. Have you been nourishing your body to such a perfect degree that you now need to indulge? Or have you been so diligent in your work that you now need to let loose? Balance is giving yourself what feels right. Not equalizing everything that seems like it’s right.
  3. Quit struggling. When you relax into the process of life, it’s going to give you the exact balance of all these cycles that you need. Ease into it. Release control a bit. And balance will get even easier. You’ll be supported.

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