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Connection ALWAYS cures the crap (so here’s how to get there quicker)

Sometimes you’re going and going and going along all fine and dandy. Things are moving and grooving. You’re taking care of yourself. Things are rocking. And it feels great. Solid.

And then like stubbing your toe out of no where, there’s a hiccup. Something random busts your mood. Something major super upsets you. Something little gives you anxiety and freaks you out. Some wild rush of emotion comes out of nowhere and takes down your high and puts a damper on your mood.

We’re all human. And we are all subject to doubts and funk and emotion and downers. All of us.

Recently, I signed off a frustrating Skype call and broke down into tears. My face in my hands, just crying, because I was so frustrated with myself. I was being resistant. I was being scared. I was doubting myself.  Instead of figuring out solutions to move my work forward, I got all doomey and gloomey when it came to believing in myself. On the call I had reacted to a new challenge by shutting down…instead of trusting my resiliency and ability to just figure it out. My own reaction disappointed me. So then the tears came rolling.

And the next few hours I tried everything I could to pick myself up. I planned to throw myself into some writing to thwart those feelings. But as I typed away, the general frustration sat near and my thoughts flickered their way any chance they got.

These are the days. These are what any of our days looks like. We have tough ones. We forget to trust ourselves. We forget we can do this. We get all twisted in some crap and are quickly down the hole rolling around in the dark with emotion, anxiety, worry, and fear.

The best thing I did that day was go to a last minute lunch with a goddess in town. She scooted out of her conference and I shut down my to do list and we caught up like we always do. Before we knew it, we’d taken up our booth for over three hours. We exchanged our own worries and more importantly, we threw mad support the other person’s way. It was wildly clear that it was what we had both needed: a little connection to remember we weren’t alone in this journey and a little inspiration to remind ourselves we’ve got this. And a reminder that none of this is that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.Tweet: None of this is that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. @maxiemccoy

Connection is the cure to so much. It’s an escape route from our own funks. It’s a reminder that we’re not actually as alone in all of these feelings as we think. Connection is waterfall of good vibes that draws you back to your own magic.

Keep the people that fill you with energy close.

When you’re down and out and want to hide from the world, don’t. Connect instead.

Quit ignoring your galpal’s text trying to get you to happy hour because you don’t want to tell her you’re down. Go. Share. You’ll feel better.

Call the woman who always gets you. Call the person who believes in everything your up to. Facetime the human that sees a big bright future for you oh so clearly.

Tell stories. Forget about your crap for a second. Laugh. See the world from their view. Talk about nothing at all. Talk about everything. Hug. Love. And connect back to the only things that actually matter: your own light and love in this world, which is always accessed by the people that love you dearly, even when you’re having a hard time loving yourself.

With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

Inspire Me!

  1. Spot on. I was feeling that way–disconnected with work and family and just a big blanket of depression covering me. I had a conversation with a co-worker. Not even someone that I would confide in but they just showed me some compassion and i felt they were really listening to me. Voila, got me out of my funk. The power of connection!
    This is a great reminder. Thanks

  2. Thanks for all the tips Maxie! I’m a writer and editor trying to get some kind of career together in my 30s and you’re a big help. In this article, there’s an error in the 2nd paragraph from the bottom: everything YOU’RE up to. Just thought you should know. Keep up the great work!

  3. Really needed to hear this. I’ve been in a funk for what feels like forever and I’ve kind of come to accept it as part of my life. Maybe I should talk to my people!

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