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Oh, the mountains we move. 25 Questions to Answer Before Moving More.

Last night, I peered down at my gratitude journal and thought oh shit, fine. Because like any good slacker I’d forgotten to scribble my daily appreciation for the last few weeks. But this was one practice from the past year that I’d finally and fully committed to (hallelujah). While writing my day’s thanks, I got distracted…

Which week did I go out with that really sweet man for the first time? I flipped back to see when because I remember scribbling down a thanks #universe. As I went searching for something specific, I soon found myself lost in the days of things I was grateful for, like texts from my mom, a weekend with the girls, flights that landed on time, slow Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market, advocates who had my back, big deals that changed the abundance game. There were all kinds of things there, from the mundane to the spectacular.

And as I read it all…all the things from a single year of this beating heart, all my being yelled clearly: oh, the mountains we move.

Daily, weekly, monthly, we’re creating and supporting and helping. Inch by inch, in the hours of a day that lead to the years of a life, we’re moving forward. Expanding. Surviving. Thriving. But we forget. We FORGET. We dismiss so much of where we’ve been in the obsession of where to go next.

There’s an ‘ole trick I use to solidify my memories of great days: Before going to bed, I mentally catalog all of the simple yet pleasuring moments that happened that day. It’s how I help bring them along with me.

But when it comes to what we want out of life and where we want to be… why do we so easily and so often glaze over the things we’ve done? Why isn’t it good enough? Why doesn’t it carry enough weight with us?

From looking back on my own moved mountains from the past year, I can say it’s not that we’re not grateful. It’s just that we don’t take the time to catalog, remember, and reflect. 

Reflection is the key that will open future doors.Tweet: Reflection is the key that will open future doors. https://ctt.ec/Up7fi+ @maxiemccoy It’s the anchor that will ground us in gratitude. It’s the filter with which we can really evaluate where we are and do so honestly.

So, before you go figuring out which mountains you want to move in the coming months and year, turn around. Look at the love from the past. Take in all that you created. Notice where you stood up for something more. Feel where you’ve healed. Respect the inches and celebrate the leaps. Let those mountains move you.

And then go deciding what’s next.

Here are 25 questions to answer in order to do that

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