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Totally Coasting? Why it can be a great thing for your dreams

Dreams often get really confused with achievement. So many of us think that that unless we have shifted into overdrive, we’re not doing enough to make it all happen. A funny thing happens when we settle into something even remotely comfortable, whether it’s a consistent schedule or a predictable week. We immediately jump to all the judgements of how we’re totally coasting.

However, in order to speed up you’ve got to slow down. Comfortable doesn’t always mean complacent.Tweet: Comfortable doesn't always mean complacent. – @maxiemccoy

Slowing down allows you to hear the directions to achieving your big dreams. So important. And sometimes coasting is just that, it’s taking your foot off the gas for a hot freaking second to enjoy the process. So you can hear the directions forward.

Think about it this way: if you’re always giving 150 percent to every experience, you’ll never be able to allocate energy somewhere else…someplace that might really need it. Coasting in one area means you’re freeing up energy to add to another.

Last summer, I was talking to a dear friend and badass about her momentary feelings of regret for choosing to leave a job that she could do on auto-pilot. She was valued, she had the processes nailed down, and she was content. But she wasn’t being challenged. She felt like she was coasting, so she took an new opportunity that would be a huge challenge, but had the potential for growth. A month in, however, she realized that while coasting at her old job, she was able to put energy into other pursuits that she hoped to make magic out of eventually (#ThatSideHustleLife).

The thing about coasting in one place is that it lets us cultivate in others. Maybe you’re chilling on the dating scene, but killing it on the work scene. Or you’re all-in on the side hustle, but your full-time gig is just marching along as usual. Or you’re laser focused on a promotion, but you’re behind on world affairs.

Know that when the time is right you’ll shift your energy to where it’s needed. Trust that you know when and where that’ll be. It’s so totally and fully OK to be doing just enough to get by in one area when you’re giving your all-in love and attention to something else that’s important.

Go ahead and hit cruise control if that’s what you need and really take the time to figure out what parts of your life need energy. Then go and make magic there.

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