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How to make your strength even stronger in a world that needs it…badly.

The balance of being, the toughening of the mind, and resilience of spirit – strength. We find it when we dig down, way down into the hope and promise of a better tomorrow. We build it when we take small actions every day that will better our future selves. We exercise it by continuing to go when the going gets shitty. And we use it for herculean efforts in the name of dreams.

But, while we focus on using strength for our own lives we forget about something else… Our strength becomes even more powerful when it’s focused on someone else.Tweet: Our strength becomes even more powerful when it's focused on someone else @maxiemccoy

When I think about being strong-natured or building a strong spirit, so often it is for myself. Because I want to be able to handle more. Because I want to be able to create more. Because I want to improve.

But, that’s not the point of strength. Not at all. The point of strength is not what it can do for ourselves but in what it can do for others. We are a vessel of strength meant to bring support to those who need it. Those with broken hearts. Those facing oppression. Those experiencing terribly trying times. Or even those just having a bad day.

Using your strength for others means taking the heat. You can handle the distress better then someone else at times, so barricade them from the pressure and take some of it on to yourself. That’s what our strength is for.

So when you’re feeling grounded, rooted, and strong, really think about to whom you can give your strength. The beautiful thing about it is that giving it away doesn’t deplete you, it reinforces your power, bringing light to yourself and to the person who needs it.

So, figure out who needs your strength today and shine a bit of love their way. You’ll become stronger.

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