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Lucky Charms for Lucky Days. The ones I can’t live without…

I believe in lucky charms with everything in my bones. I feel stronger with Rudraksha on my wrist, rhodochrosite in my bra, my Oprah candle lit, and a hot, peaceful prayer at the beginning of the day. The belief grounds me in my wishes, lifts me when I wonder, and might…justttttt might…make my little woo woo heart beat 

But it’s more than weird hippy shit. It’s proven – those with personal lucky charms were much more confident in their performance, which translated to better outcomes. I don’t always need data to give me permission to believe what I believe. If I feel it, then it’s game on. And with my lucky charms, I’ve always just felt them. Felt their power for me. Felt their strength. Felt their yup this is right ness. And unlike most, I amplify my lucky charms instead of hiding them. I give the rudraksha away to anyone who’ll wear it. I light wishes with Oprah for anyone who’ll let me. I find and lose the stones stuffed in my bra on the reg.

It does feel nice, though, to prove what you already believe. It’s like watching someone else discover the crown of gold that you already knew was there the entire time.

Most of us have always observed how superstitious sports stars are. They kiss their necklace before a big game or refuse to shave those gnarly beards for an entire season. It turns out though, that these types of rituals and lucky charms actually infuse us with confidence that has us zooming toward the outcome we badly want.

I’ve always believed that I get to determine the outcome of my day, not because I could control it but because I could control how I reacted to it. Our perception creates our reality.Tweet: Our perception creates our reality. @maxiemccoy Our thoughts are so blazingly powerful. So why not? Why not have things that we believe will bring us good fortune? Who cares if it’s a placebo affect? As we know, it’s an effect that works. And more than our dreams, willing the lucky charms for the good fortunes is even better.

Play your pump up music. Wear your favorite jewelry. Say your special prayer. Light that candle. Bust out the lucky socks, bra, panties, or heels. All of it and any of it. On the big days and on the every of days. Whatever fills you with I can fucking do this belief and energy, do it loud and do it proud. A lucky charm can quickly become a lucky day. Your lucky day.

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