Maxie McCoy

Why You Should Quit Playing Their Game. Immediately.

You have to play the game… they say.

To be successful and to win and to get to the top… You have to play the game.

To have the influence and to create the change… You have to play the game.

Did we ever take a step back to consider the game isn’t one we want to be playing? Did we ever slow down and think if there’s another way?

But there are no alternatives. This is how it is. This is how it’s always been. They’ll remind you.

And we believe it. We internalize it. We convince ourselves that this is the only game we can play (mind you: one we didn’t create) and that winning this game is the only way we’ll have a chance.

Fucking false.

This is systematic oppression meant to keep you playing by the rules of a game created to keep you out.

The game is anything that’s not fair, not inclusive, not beneficial, not welcoming to all that deserve to be playing it. Basically anything less than making you feel like you’re everything…is the game.

The game is a bunch of people telling you how to feel about yourself. The game is a set of rules telling you what’s successful. The game is boundaries telling you what’s possible. The game makers think the only way they can be bigger is by making you feel smaller. Feel being the operative word here, because there’s no making you small. Or any of us. Because our existing is enough.

And that how’s you know it’s not the right game—because it’s not fair. not inclusive. not beneficial. not welcoming to all.

If someone tells you that this is just the way it is, challenge it immediately.Tweet: If someone tells you that this is just the way it is, challenge it immediately. @maxiemccoy

If someone tells you that you’re just as responsible for the way things are, resist the message with every fiber of your being.

Resisting doesn’t mean hiding, or backing down, or sitting on the sideline of an unfair game including people who were willing to play. Rather, it’s a deep and urgent calling to look outside the systems and structures that “have just always been.” And to not play the game at all.

That’s where we’re all able to create change. We can create new solutions and a new existence altogether. We can dismantle the current child’s play operations that makes one person bigger by making the other to feel smaller. We can. And instead build magic that values anyone here because they’re here.

We have the power to create with such force and with such truth that it will eliminate the game altogether. But we must come together. We must hold up these limits and examine it in the light of truth and decide it’s not true. It’s not right. And it’s not our only way. It’s not our game.

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