Maxie McCoy

8 things I’m done giving a sh*t about anymore

If the past year has taught me anything, it’s that some things really matter. And some things really don’t. We only have so much energy to go around. We only have so many crosses we can bear until we collapse completely. And often, we can handle much more than we think when the more is tied to a why bigger than us.

Everywhere I look, I see a lot of things that fire me up, that make me angry, that make me hopeful and that I want to change. And everywhere I look I see so many humans devoting their time, their energy and most importantly…their hearts…to big things that matter. That really matter.

But in order to have the capacity to take on the things that matter, you have to get yourself up and over and BEYOND the things that don’t. Save your tears, your heartache, and your pain for the big stuff. The bright stuff. The make-the-world-better stuff.

Some cares simply cannot be carried over into the future if we hope to stand firm and stand tall for that which is worth standing for. Cannot. Will not. And these are a few of those cares I’m leaving behind…

What other people are doing on social. Sometimes I scroll, most of the time I don’t. But when something doesn’t make you feel good, listen. And stay away.

Rules of the patriarchy. I’m done normalizing, accepting, and playing by rules not made with me in mind. I’m ready to burn those power structures down so we can have equality. So we can wake up. And so we can heal.  

Getting it wrong. Getting it right can be both suffocating and stalling. Being ourselves requires that we get it wrong sometimes. And being ourselves is basically the key to everything we want.

Asking for more time. Sometimes deadlines need to be extended to get the right product. To get the right energy. To create the right message. Sometimes we need more time from others, and sometimes we just need to give ourselves more time.

Culturally-imposed timelines. Who said you had to have a certain position by a certain age? Who said you had to buy a house? Who said you needed babies? Or to have broken that habit? Or to have a certain number in your bank account by now? Challenge that assumption before you put the challenging shame on yourself.

Setting goals. Done with them. I want to go after things that feel right. I want to go with the changes. I want to wander and turn and get lost in the pursuit of my heart. And the ecstasy of finding it all again.Tweet: I want to wander and turn and get lost in the pursuit of my heart. And the ecstasy of finding it all again. @maxiemccoy

Traditional Success. As it’s been historically defined. Money, power, and the top only interest me as a measurement of the change we can create, the amount of humans we can heal, the love we can provide and the encouragement we can share.

Bras and Meat and Botox. Don’t give a shit about that shit too.

With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

Inspire Me!

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