Maxie McCoy

The greatest gift you have to give (so give, give, give it please)

When you’re with someone you love — a parent, a partner, a bestie — not much needs to happen in order to enjoy yourselves. Love is alchemy that turns doing nothing into doing everything, and it’s the best thing about being with your people. You’re at ease. You’re there. They’re there. Isn’t that all you really need?

I’d say yes, provided that you’re actually there.

Let me explain…Being there, there with those you love, doesn’t just require your body to be in a physical space. It requires your full attention. It require you to actually tune in to what they’re saying, to really see them for who they are.

How often do you blow through time with family and friends completely preoccupied thinking about your own life, problems, or worries? Precious time with the people you love is wasted by not actually being there.

And even worse, how often are you there with those you love and then essentially leave them for the world held in the device in your hand? That world isn’t the real one. That world isn’t the one right in front of you. It’s essentially an addiction. Keeping the phone on the table while you’re with your humans, or checking your apple watch more than you make eye contact, takes away the one beautiful gift we’re all here to give to our humans and that our humans are looking to get from us: our attention.

And your attention is precious. It’s what makes people feel like they’re heard. It’s where your focus is. And as they say, where attention goes energy flows. So would you rather your attention flow into the heart of someone you love or into the heart of a digital operating system?  Mhmmmmm.

Don’t underestimate or undervalue the power of your attention. It’s everything.Tweet: Don't underestimate or undervalue the power of your attention. It's everything. @maxiemccoy So take inventory of where it’s currently going.  Pay attention to what takes your attention away. And be both intentional and relentless about giving it to the people you love — because it’s one of your greatest gifts. Plus, you’ll feel the good effects just as much as they do.

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