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Feeling Anxious? Me too. The 3 Ways I deal.

There’ve been plenty of mornings that I lay in bed with a pit in my stomach. It’s my least favorite way to wake up to the day. I’m not always sure what starts it. But I have figured out how to squash it and not let it run its course longer than it needs to. I’ve figured out how to let it just be friction rather than entire state of operating.

Often, feeling anxious is just a perfectly normal human reaction to showing up for life. No one said going after your dreams would be easy. No one said using your voice would be smooth. No one said sticking to your guns would be without fall out.Tweet: No one said going after your dreams would be easy. No one said using your voice would be smooth. No one said sticking to your guns would be without fall out. – @maxiemccoy That’s the thing, showing up for life and showing up big comes with some weird feelings, and at least in my case: some nervy, anxious ones here and there.

A few weeks ago a friend texted me about her freakout and was ready to make a pretty brash choice. To which I responded, Girl, I don’t know anyone in your shoes who doesn’t have this kind of freak out. And it’s true: we’re all here, we’re all feeling these things, we’re all figuring it out. Or not figuring it out.

  1. Move. Move. Move. And breath. And by move I mean go sweat it the fuck out. Do anything besides sit there. Do anything besides doing nothing other than sitting there with a mind running wild. Walks are nice. Sweaty sesh’s are even better. Trust that your endorphins can squash the anxiety. Because they can. And until you can get yourself sweaty, get yourself breathing. In and out. To the belly. You’ll calm down. You will.
  2. Connect back to (real) humans. Humans are my favorite antidote to getting my mind off of things they didn’t need to be on to begin with. Call  your mom. Your best friend. Send the SOS coffee text out to your girls to come meet you stat. You may not want it, but the deep connections will bring you back.
  3. Read a really good book. Because scrolling through social will likely do nothing more than heighten all the have-not feelings. Scrolling through other people’s lives is a fastrack to feeling like shit. So instead, immerse yourself in a different story. (I’ve recently loved Lilac Girls. Total page turner.)

This is how I’ve learned to deal over the years of these feelings popping up from time to time. It’s personal strategies. However, if intense anxiety is something that is debilitating and a regular occurrence for you, don’t hesitate getting clinical help. If that’s you, make a phone call to a therapist ( ++ follow or sign up for the services of my brilliant friend Dr. Lauren. She’s the real deal.)

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