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Got problems? Same. Here’s my best advice for what we’re all going through.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. Right? Or so they say. But oftentimes when you’re in the heat of your own crap, it’s real hard to shift your perspective enough to see that BS as pure gold.

Which is why dear friends are so crucial when the going is tough. I’m pretty sure most of my life’s day-to-day challenges can be solved within the three walls of my little sunset nook alongside a bottle of wine and a best friend. Because one night was like any other where I gushed over the problem I was trying to quickly solve, to redirect, to dissipate. My dear friend listened to me gush over the problem I wanted nothing more than to solve…instantly…when she said what we all need to hear:

Maybe it’s not a problem at all. Maybe this is just the process?

I smiled from a place of pure truth and total resonance. Yes. These problems aren’t issues. They’re not fuck-ups. And they’re not level-5 red flags that need an immediate solution. They’re pathways of process that will unfold, that will heal themselves, that will land me over the threshold of where this situation is supposed to be.

But how often do we turn the process into a problem? Often. So often. We let little things ruin and big things destroy. We expect smooth sailing, but rarely does any outcome we dream of come without a cost. The cost of discomfort, and of hiccups, and of obstacles, and of problems. All of those are merely the process of creating and existing and dreaming and working and showing up. They don’t and won’t ever go away. Problems will always be replaced by some other hot new problem. It’s how the world works.

And that’s not pessimism. That’s simply a grounded reminder that problems are simply a pathway. They’re just friction on your path of creating.Tweet: Problems are simply a pathway. They're just friction on your path of creating. @maxiemccoy So rather than getting all twisted up in them and operating as if they shouldn’t exist, try seeing them as what they are: process. They’re necessary for whatever it is you’re creating. Whatever it is you’re showing up for. Whatever exhilarating game you’re playing in this wild arena of life.

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