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10 Ways to Protect the Powerful Woman You’re Becoming

When it’s quiet and you’re away from the craze of your life, the demands of your day-to-day, and the expectations of the world…can you feel it? Can you feel the energy that’s quietly rising up from the earth and down from the heavens to converge in the most perfect messenger of all that’s divine, equitable, expressed, and real? In the space between who you were, who you are now, and who you’re meant to become…can you feel the quiet power that’s building inside you, ready to become a loud whisper of change and expression and creation?

It’s happening. It’s happening for you. It’s happening for me. It’s happening for all of us. We’re becoming a confident collective of humans who have fully tapped into our power. The power that’s always been there. And there’s nothing strong enough to stop it.

Stay confident in your power. Don’t let anyone temper it. And let nobody mess with the pentacle of might that you’re becoming. No one. Here’s a few ways to protect it like the divine treasure it is:

  1. Question everything. The messages. The assumptions. The “facts.” That side of the story. That expectation. That bar that’s set. Question it all. And if it doesn’t resonate. Don’t play.
  2. Speak your voice even when you’re scared. Let nothing get skirted under the rug. Let no truth go unspoken. Let no injustice remain.
  3. Create, create, create. New rules, new works, new everything. The more you create, the more you become. The less they can fuck with you.
  4. Surround yourself with deeply assured women. They will be your protectors. No matter what, no matter how, they will cocoon your safety.
  5. Love Yourself. And if you’re unsure how to actually do that…this should help.
  6. Don’t believe your feelings. They’re just feelings. They’re not you. The less you believe, the more you protect.
  7. Seek out that which makes your feel strong. It’s different for all of us. But you know it when you’re there in the experience. Ritualize that feeling.
  8. Read about historical women. They’ll remind you what it took to get here, what’s at stake, what it takes to protect, and above all, that you will not lose.
  9. Use love over guns. When the combat feels like it’s coming, don’t go to their level. Don’t use their weapons. Don’t play by their rules. Come back to love, and you’ll be armed.
  10. Give your power away. To the right people. To the people who need it. To those who, when propped up, will create a tidal wave of change. You can indeed protect your power by choosing to give it away.

Don’t let ANYONE mess with the deeply powerful woman that you’re becoming. That you are.Tweet: Don't let ANYONE mess with the deeply powerful woman that you're becoming. That you are. @maxiemccoy Protect her now. Protect her then. And there’s no stopping us all together. Can you feel it?


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