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3 Reminders for When Your Heart Hurts. A Lot.

Life without love isn’t worth living. And love without pain isn’t worth feeling. Because it’s in the pain that we’re reminded of what we’ve got. We’re reminded of what’s worth fighting for. And we’re reminded of all the gratitude we owe this experience for being cocooned in love, despite what might be going on around us.

Pain and love. Love and pain. And the willingness to be vulnerable despite the possibility of both. When you experience both, it hurts. Heartbreak can occur in a million ways — in everyday experiences, in lifelong loves, in relationships with things. From loving someone. From loving everyone. From loving yourself. It’s not always the long-time love song love, but sometimes just the love of showing up, the love of hoping, the love of creating, the love of connecting. We’re talking all the loves. They can create all the euphoria. And all of the hurts.

And when that little beating muscle inside of your chest hurts like hell…because of the million reasons it might feel as such…remember, remember, remember:

>> That which is meant for you will not pass you by. Tweet: That which is meant for you will not pass you by. @maxiemccoyIt won’t. Ever. Timing blows. Lifetimes aren’t always enough. Hurts might not be able to heal. But everything happening is leading you one step closer to the thing that will erase all of this disappointment and ache. It will.

>> Great shit is coming. It just is. But until then, this will feel like shit. It just will.

>> Hurting is hell and hearts get heavy, but the feelings are real and prove you’re alive. You showed up. You were strong enough to be willing to feel. And these feelings, even the pains, are proof that you can love, that you can feel, that you have a heart, and that you’re here…alive. It can break you without ending you.

Let your heart hurt. Let it remind you of what was worth opening your heart to. And let the pain go on to create the healing — the healing that’ll make you the person you were always meant to be.

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