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8 Things I Don’t Have Time for Anymore

I know everyone is constantly talking about time. Having more of it. Not having enough. Making the most of every minute we’re given. But I could give a damn about productivity and how we all fit more into less. What I do care about, deeply, is the meaning of the time that we’re given.

Not everything will be meaningful, obviously. But there are some habits, people, practices, and choices that I simply don’t have any time for anymore. And I don’t have time for them because they create cycles of energy that stress me out. And most importantly, they’re not pushing me to heal, to grow, or to get better. So done. Done with dirty playing fields. Done with letting images, messages, and molds tell us what to do. Done making time for all of these…

  1. Saying yes more than I want to. Because you could yes yourself to death. And then your life is no longer yours. It becomes a perfectly planned week around everyone else’s whims. So instead, if you’re having a hard time saying no in the moment, punt. And tell them, gosh I’d like to but let me check and get back to you. And then sit on it, check the schedule, and say no if it’s not a huge yes.
  2. Worrying about the way I look. Hair, hips, outfit, sweat, frizz, skin…you name it, I’m loving it. Because we don’t have time to hate how we look. Or worry. Or obsess. Use that energy on problems that are worth your time.
  3. Electronics in my bedroom. Bye. No phone in bed. No computer ever. Bye.
  4. Feeling bad about feeling bad. We’re going to feel like shit sometimes. And when that happens, we gotta sit in it. The bad feelings aren’t bad. They’re just feelings.
  5. Text arguments. Just no. I’ll pick up the phone every time I see it happening. And it clears it quicker every time.
  6. People who talk a whole lot of shit. Ain’t got time for that. We have to lift. And build. And support. And by the way, if they’re talking about other people to you. They’re talking about you to other people.Tweet: If they’re talking about other people to you. They’re talking about you to other people. @maxiemccoy
  7. Friends who don’t believe in me. Only the best for your inner circle. Or mine. Only the ones who fiercely believe that you can. That will talk you off the floor when you feel like you can’t stand. Life is hard enough already.
  8. Not believing in myself. You can doubt, you can worry, you can wonder, you can falter, but at the base of all that has to be fierce belief in yourself. In who you are. In why you’re here.

What are you done making time for? Because the what you make time for this minute becomes the masterpiece you’re making for your life. So, think about it.

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