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How to be sure when you’re not sure of anything

But how do I know for sure? I say this more than I care to admit. Because when we’re asking to be sure, we’re actually asking for a guarantee.

A guarantee that it will all work out.

That we will not fail.

That there will be no fall out.

That we will not lose face.

That we’ll be better for it.

That we won’t get hurt.

That we’ll get the outcome we desire.


Well, you know this as much as I do….but there is zero guarantee to any of this. There’s no assurance that anything we want will be on the other side. There’s no right path. There may not even be any path at all.

And when that happens, it can feel like we aren’t sure. Of the decisions. Of anything.

But, that’s actually not true. You can be unsure and totally sure. You can hold space for both of those realities to be fully real in your life. You can experience both, simultaneously, and be successful at moving forward.

Be unsure of the decision, but be totally sure of yourself. Trust her. Love her. And be all-in. Whatever happens after, you’ll know that you can and will handle everything that comes your way. You always have.

So when you’re unsure….

Know that we all are.

And when you’re unsure…

Bet on yourself. Every time. She’s worth being sure about.

Follow what feels good. Follow the energy in the pit of your belly. Follow the future that is most guaranteed to challenge you, that’s most sure of expanding you, and one that you can hold your own hand in every step of the way.

I’m not sure about what’s next. But I’m sure about me. And from there every move forward will be as assured as it gets. Self belief is personal insurance for every decision from here ‘til the end.Tweet: Self belief is personal insurance for every decision from here ‘til the end. @maxiemccoy ‎

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