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Why You Should Be Doing Some Dirty Work

We all want things to be so easy. And some things are. In a matter of seconds, we can get a hold of someone, we can show what we’re up to, we can book a ticket to the other side of the world, we can get anything delivered to our door.

It’s easy. It’s convenient. But it’s made me wonder what about the hard stuff? What about the dirty work? What about the shit that doesn’t look good or feel good…but makes it all worth it eventually?

This obsession with easy and glamorous and oh how fun has seeped into our consciousness and affected the way we think about our own life path. Our dreams…shouldn’t they just happen? Shouldn’t laying down and envisioning my ideal future be enough? Should I just start this month and have it all figured out by next month?

Nope. Because when so many things are easy, we often forget that some things are really hard. Even I have to catch myself from slipping into that expectation and reminding myself that the big dreams are going to take some gritty years. And a whole lot of dirty work that no one on the gram will know was part of the big success later.

I was reminding myself of this as I tramped around town with a 5-foot, 50-pound mic stand. The audio setup for one of my big interviews hadn’t come in time, so I had to go rent an entire setup that morning and than go back and forth across town with it — twice. I was sweating, and annoyed, and desperately just wanted to be lazy and not do it. But, I knew it would majorly affect the quality of the interview.

It was dirty work. And no one saw me do it. All they saw was how cool the night was (and it was) when I got to interview one of our generation’s biggest social activists. But so much of the highs come with responsibilities and choices and hard work that look anything but glamorous.

If you want something, be willing to do what it takes.Tweet: If you want something, be willing to do what it takes. @maxiemccoy ‎ Be willing to put in the thankless time. Be willing to be deep in the shit. Be willing to do the dirty work. Stay willing, and you’ll have the type of success everyone wishes they could create.

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