Maxie McCoy

A Manifesto for Getting What You Really Want

Wanting is universal. We all have something we want. Sometimes those wants are huge and overwhelming. But other times, those wants are simple and humbling. Regardless of what it is that we want, too much wanting can strangle the beauty in just being present. Wanting can be a finely-danced balance. But if you do a few things right, you’ll experience more of what it is that you want without getting poisoned by the wanting.

  1. Know why you want it. 
  2. Have an intention for wanting it. 
  3. Don’t go at it alone. 
  4. Don’t expect yourself to know it all. Or anything.
  5. Do the fucking work.
  6. Be more of yourself while you want it. Not less of yourself.
  7. Know it’ll take time. So much time. And more time.
  8. Make small plans.
  9. Create your own way.
  10. Revel in the process.
  11. Use blinders for focus. And use focus for success.
  12. Drop your sword. And occasionally fall on it.
  13. Say NO to shit that distracts you from it. Say YES to shit that draws you to it.
  14. Look back as much as you look forward.
  15. Be direct. And more importantly, be kind.Tweet: Help others get what they want. @maxiemccoy
  16. Help others get what they want.
  17. Everything going wrong is helping everything go so right.
  18. Always say Thank You. Also to yourself.
  19. Own your power. Don’t wait for it to be given to you in order to have what you want.
  20. Sleep.
  21. Want it. Badly. Then let it the fuck go.
  22. Believe.

You want what you want. No matter what happens, know that you’ll receive exactly what you need. You’re right where you’re supposed to be. And many times, you’ll get so much more than you asked for. And remember…believe.

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