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4 Ways to Actually Stand Up For Yourself (and Get What You Need)

Standing tall and standing up always seems so much easier when we’re doing it for someone else. If our girls need some help, we’re there. If someone is messing with someone we love,¬†watch out. When there’s a cause we believe in badly, we’ll fight hard.

But damn, when it comes to keeping the spine tall, tough, and moving forward for our own needs…it can be, well, hard. But standing up for ourselves is something that we must practice day, after day, after day, in the small moments and in the major ones. It’s the only way to get what we really need. It’s the only way to show ourselves and the universe that we’re worth it. Like majorly worth it.

Standing up for yourself means so many things. But mostly, standing up for yourself means everything. It’s how you’ll cultivate relationships that are healthy. It’s how you’ll remind yourself of your own power. It’s how you’ll show the world to treat you. It’s how you’ll get paid more. It’s how you’ll get all of what you deserve because you know you’re worthy of it all first, and reality will rise to meet your belief in yourself.

So to get what you need, you’ve got to back yourself. And to do that, think about these:

Use your voice even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. You’ve got to find a way, even when you’re scared (and especially when you’re scared), to communicate what it is that you want. What it is that you need.

Leave situations that don’t align with your needs. This might be jobs, it might be relationships, it might be friendships, it might be scheduling. If it’s taking far more than it’s giving, you’ve got to leave. Because you deserve to be given to. You deserve to have what you want. You deserve to have your needs met.

Standing tall is a team effort. You don’t have to do this alone. Sometimes the best reflections of what we deserve are the people who know and believe in us best. They can call the bullshit. They can let us know we’re bending too much for someone else. They can and will remind us of exactly what we deserve and what we’re capable of.

Remember to check in with your future self. Ask her what she would do. Ask her what standing up for yourself looks like in this particular situation. She’ll have plenty of wisdom to give you. Plenty. Make sure to listen to her, because she is you.

Standing up for yourself is the greatest stand you can takeTweet: Standing up for yourself is the greatest stand you can take. @maxiemccoy Because when you do that, you show the world what it means to believe in yourself. With a little bit more of that in each of us, there’s no stopping the changes that we can make for this world, and our world.

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