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One Big Thing to Know About All Your Toughest Lessons

They’ll get tougher.

I know, not the best news. But in order for all of your biggest lessons to actually become truly learned lessons, you’ll have to experience them one more time — you’ll have to exercise the lesson. The lesson isn’t over until you’ve had to put it into practice the next time around. And that’s well, tough. It’ll always be tough. Otherwise, you would have been doing it from the get-go. You would have never needed to learn the lesson if it wasn’t some kind of challenge, hurdle, or obstacle to overcome.

You know what they say about lessons: “The lesson will keep repeating until we truly learn it.” We’re able to bind the lesson into the fabric of who we are by exercising the lesson. It comes full circle. You experience some hard shit. You learn (hopefully). You experience some more (you learn some more). And then life hands you a situation that looks familiar, that feels familiar, and that your gut is saying, something is coming. we’ve been here before. let’s get it right this time.

And that’s when the lesson can get really tough. Because it’d be easier to go with the flow. Or revert back to your old ways. It’d be easier to not have to listen in really closely for a whisper in your belly that you can barely hear. It’d be easier to just do what you know.

But you know better now. And everything you want will come from exercising that knowledge. All that you desire is on the other side of backing yourself with your own hard-earned lessons.Tweet: All that you desire is on the other side of backing yourself with your own hard-earned lessons. @maxiemccoy And then putting the lesson into practice.

And you must put your lesson into practice. And you must do it even when it feels strong, but you feel weak. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you’d rather do anything but put the lesson into practice. You must. The lesson might get tougher, but so will you. And there’s nothing but deep, meaningful power waiting for you on the other side of that.

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