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5 ways to quit making everything so damn hard

Life is hard enough.

For many of us, life is pretty easy compared to what hard really means for some people. And honoring that is important. Because by acknowledging our good fortune, we can stop making life harder than it is, tougher than it has to be. We have to lighten up and let life be a little easier, so we can use our own energy on those who really have it hard—like damn fucking hard. It will allow us to give, to support, to show up.

So what would it look like, like really look like, to let life flow? A river doesn’t drive itself wild in order to move through a great frontier. It doesn’t stab itself in the eyeballs in order to carve through cliff and rock. No, it just flows. Energetically. It goes. We can flow with life more, too. We can let it be easy, too. But we’ve got to quit a few of these things in order to summon the ease:

Decide. You can handle whatever your decide. There’s no such thing as getting it wrong. But there is such a thing as obsessing over it. Just trust yourself. That you’re doing the best you can with the information you have. That you can handle all that comes your way. And honor that not deciding (ever) is a decision, too.

Trust. Trust your gut. Trust your decision. Trust your capabilities. Trust your love. Trust the universe. Trust what’s happening. Trust it’s all occurring for you. Trust it doesn’t have to be hard. Trust that the more you trust, the easier it’ll get.

Stop ruminating. Your overthinking is overkill. You don’t need to analyze the situation one more time. You don’t need to rehash it again. You don’t need to toss it and turn it around in your head.

Accept. Quit fighting what’s happening. Quit struggling against it all. The quicker you accept the easier it’ll get. Which doesn’t mean you don’t believe and work and fight for better in the future. But if it’s already happened, you’ve got to accept and act according.

Repeat, “Let it be easy.” As a reminder. As a mantra. As a call to life. Let it be easy. And so it will.Tweet: Let it be easy. And so it will. @maxiemccoy ‎

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