Maxie McCoy

What if the big picture is totally blurry?

When you stop wanting what you once wanted, or when you’re afraid to undo all that you have for all that you know to be true in your heart, the big picture blurs out.

And that’s OK.

So many people believe that the key to feeling less lost is having a clearer big picture. Not the case. Not the case at all. Because you will not ever think your way to the big picture. If you wait for the big goal to appear and strategize the hundred-point plan to achieve it, you’ll always be the kid on the side of the pool waiting and trying to convince yourself to buck up and jump in. The biggest contributor to feeling lost is believing you need to have the end destination completely figured out before beginning.

You don’t need an oil-painted big picture or a giant shiny goal ahead in order to gain clarity about your path or feel positive about your ability to eventually figure it out. None of us have a crystal ball telling us what’s waiting at the end of the next few decades. But some are willing to start, to restart, to recalibrate their steps despite that. When you’re doing something that excites you and resonates with your soul, you’ll be more willing to just keep going.

So, just begin. It’ll feel unstable and imperfect, but take the steps anyway. And the path will reveal itself to you. The path will unfold. The path and where it’s leading will become clear. Until then, it’s a blur. Until then, you take action despite the blur.

You just read the first of 4 excerpts I’ll be sharing from my new book You’re Not Lost. If you want more, like so much more…more words, more worksheets, more actions, Pre Order!!! Out 8.21.18

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