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Oh, hindsight. 25 things I wish I had known about sooner.

Sometimes, I can’t wait to be old (like OLD) because I can’t wait to be wise AF. With each passing year, it’s so wonderfully wild to me the amount of wisdom we amass if we’re showing up for our lives every day. And by showing up, I mean willing to examine what’s going on for us, our deepest feels, our biggest setbacks, and why. Why is everything, all that’s happening and all the we feel in a day showing up? And in that same day, how can we help life swing in our direction a little more hour by hour. How do we let life happen FOR us, not to us? We do it by finding the bliss in the little learnings and the big lessons.

Not everything I wish I’d known is earth shattering. But rather, small insights of awareness that make life a little bit lighter. Lighter to live, lighter to love, lighter to rise, lighter to move forward. Hindsight is a great teacher because it’s harvested from living, which is the great master. Live and you’ll learn. Really live, and you’ll really learn. Here are few of the things I’ve picked up from doing my very damn best at really living the shit out of life:

  1. Choose yourself. When you have the choice, choose your girl. Your self. Bet on her and you’ll win every time.
  2. Candygrams. Need a little something to send, more than a card but less than a full bouquet of flowers? Candygrams are my new favorite thing to send the #girlgang when they need a little sweetness in their week.
  3. Use a tailor. Worth it. Frustrated shopping days will be so over.
  4. Remove phones from the bedroom. You’ll fall asleep. You find more productive things to do with your time pre-falling asleep. You won’t wake up to a million messages and dread. Phones out, peace back in.
  5. Anxiety has story lines. If you can pick up on what story your anxiety is telling you (like: everything is going to come crashing down if I do x, y, or z) then you can put down all the crap that isn’t true.
  6. There’s dry shampoo AND dry conditioner. I mean, who knew? And thank you hair goddesses for that little bump of canned moisture for dry and dirty hair ends.
  7. Voice messages. Why text back paragraphs when you can record a minute message sent over text. They’re my favorite thing. For stories. For hellos. For explanations.. For hearing the love, the enthusiasm, and the energy that texts leave out.
  8. Magnesium. If you’re a bad sleeper, got some pesky anxiety, or locked up muscles, magnesium does all the things. It’s my favorite nighttime drink.
  9. Talk to future you. She is so wise. SO wise. Ask her anything you need help with. Ask her advice. Ask her what matters. I think you’ll love what she has to share, and she’ll love sharing it with you.
  10. Speak the thing you’re fearing. Fear thrives in the dark. When you speak it, you throw light onto it. When you speak it, it becomes less scary. When you speak it, there are people on the other end hearing it who can help. So just speak it.
  11. Screen recording on the iphone. I might be the last to know about this, but its amazing. You can record anything going on on your screen, like that boomerang a friend posted but still hasn’t sent to you.
  12. Change is easier with the data. I’ve made serious health, diet, and body changes in the last six months because I got the facts. When you want to change, especially the hard changes, get the data, track your progress, and be accountable to someone other than yourself.
  13. Quit pressing snooze. And just get up.
  14. My tampon necklace. F*ck the patriarchy. Wearing a golden tampon around your neck is a power play. I never want to take it off even when my period ends. Root into the power of your womanhood and I swear there’s no stopping you. The necklace helps.
  15. “You can handle all that you create.” Tweet: Healer Jim reminded me this last month. Because everything happening in our lives, we’ve beautifully created. And everything happening is giving us something. And we can handle all of it.
  16. Motivation comes second. Do the thing—the project, the workout, the writing, the errands—and your motivation will follow. It’s not always the other way around.
  17. An Oprah candle goes a long way. Like all the way to standing beside her with her arm around your waist. Belief is a potent energy source. Candles help light up our beliefs. Get a candle, and every time you light it, say a wish, a prayer, a hope, a desire, for you or someone else.
  18. Drop the sword. Not everything is meant to be a fight. Let it be easy, and let yourself win.
  19. Don’t plan forward without reflecting back. Drop goal obsession for a hot minute. Because everything you need to know about where you’re going exists in the knowledge of where you’ve already been.
  20. Laughing is a practice. Be easy to laugh. Laugh more. Laugh loudly. There’s so much to not laugh about these days that we should make the most of it when there is.
  21. Your personal dream takes a collective village. You’re not meant to create this all alone. You don’t succeed alone. You’ll need help, a lot of it. So try asking for it.
  22. Obsessing over “on brand” stunts your growth. Because if you stay the same, you’re not expanding. Find a happy balance between staying true to yourself, and evolving into who you still can be. And that person may or may not feel “on brand” with the you of today.
  23. Believe them sooner. All those people who believe in you. Believe in what they see sooner.
  24. Lay down in the shower. If you can. The waterfall of heat and water is a beautiful place to sit for a minute, focus on your heart, and leave it all behind.
  25. Have an intention. For everything. Everything. Because you get what you give.


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