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Are you spray painting the red flags…hot pink? A few ways to know

There’s not a soul on this planet that gets it right all of the time. It doesn’t matter how intuitive, cautious, insightful, or clairvoyant you are. There’s a wild amount of unknown in the choices of our daily lives. Which means…you’re going to get it wrong. You’re going to do it wrong. You’re going to decide wrong. You’re going to take thousands of wrong turns in your life.

But…some of those can be avoided.

Not every wrong choice is a bad, wrong choice. There’s two buckets of wrong choices, if you will. There’s the ones we made with all of the best information we had at the time. And then there’s the ones that we chose to make even though we knew better. Like way better. But we didn’t want to face it, or acknowledge it, or use our voice, or ask for more clarity, or push for more of what we thought was right. So instead, we justified the decision despite all of the information around trying to gently nudge us back to our own knowledge.

And what no one acknowledges is how scary and lonesome and sometimes upsetting making the right decision will be. The right one, the one that goes with the knowledge we know to be true, the one that sees the red flags and follows their urging, can be as painful as it is right. Otherwise, you would have just done it to begin with. Right isn’t always easy, which is why you get so committed to spray painting the heck out of those red flags until they’re neon with pink.

Looking back, you’ll always know that’s exactly what you did. But what matters is knowing why you did it and what you were scared of. And importantly, how to keep the pink spray paint in the cupboard. I’ve found in my own life, anytime there’s a situation where my gut was screaming but I ignored it and made the situation as right as I wanted to make it, the universe would hand me a blow up in order to get me back on the path. And trust me, you don’t want that blow up. It feels like way more of a category-five breakdown.

If you’re not sure whether they’re red flags, or red flags that you’ve covered with pink, take inventory:

Are your friends tip-toeing around advice? You know. But you don’t want to know. Try asking them straight, “What do you really, truly think?” But be ready for the answers. And only ask this of people you deeply, genuinely trust. It might be a truth you can’t unhear.

Ask yourself what you’re scared of… You might find that when you can honor your fear, you can let go of the delusion you’ve created for yourself and just face the red flag.

Ask how well the situation is working for you… Your answer may surprise you. You can stop trying to make certain paths work for you. And instead choose the path that’s actually bound to workEven if it’s scary.

If a situation is tricky, unknown, or unsure, it’s OK. It doesn’t mean that it’s not the right path. Often, the right paths are hard as hell. But you don’t want to be making certain choices harder than they need to be by ignoring your gut and ignoring your truth. Red flags are OK, they’re pointing you to the celebratory flags of a path of magic. Ones that are actually hot pink.


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