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3 ways to believe more than you doubt

You need a deep sense of self belief in order to do any of the things that you dream of doing. You need it in order to take the next step, no matter how big (or small). You’ll need self belief to use your voice. You’ll need it to do what’s right. And you’ll need it in the quiet moments where the doubt feels bigger than it actually is, threatening to muddy the belief you built.

But trust, when you’re tapped into that power, it doesn’t matter how much the doubt rains down, self belief will keep you dry. You might feel shivering with the chills of a wet cold. And you may want to high-tail it out of there. But you won’t get drenched, because you’ve got the poncho of self belief shielding you.

I’ve got plenty of days where the scales feel like they’ll tip and stay forever on the I totally doubt myself side.Weeks where it feels like the doubting is winning. And you know what? Sometimes the doubt does win, no matter how much I’d like it to be otherwise. But coming back from doubt, and tipping the scales of emotion back to self-belief isn’t as much of an orchestrated affair as it seems. Often, coming back to believing in yourself, to believe more than you doubt, comes from reminding yourself what you’re believing in.

Ask yourself why you’re doing all of this to begin with. The thing your doubting. The situation. The relationship. Why are you there? Why are you in it? Anchoring matters.

Do the thing. Whatever you’re not acting on, whatever you’re not saying, because you’re unsure. Do the thing. Belief is built in the building.

Reflect. Remind yourself of all the things you’ve done well. All the times you’ve doubted and it all worked out. It’ll all work out again.

When you feel like you’re walking the tightrope between doubt and belief, keep your eye on you and you’ll have all the power you’ll ever need to not just endure, but to rise.

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