Maxie McCoy

What it takes to get clear. Like crystal clear.

Clarity can be the difference between feeling lost and feeling free. It’s potent medicine that can shift you from suffering and into momentum. Clarity is the type of thing that often you don’t even know you’re searching for, but it’s been the answer all along.

Here’s how clarity works…it’s a doorway to understanding what you need, why you need it, and how to honor that need. The fog that’s hovering over your feelings, your decisions, and your doubt will finally clear and aha…clarity. It feels like freedom and sings like gospel song. Soft, beautiful, and uniquely true.

It’s clarity. Because it’s you.

So much shit can get in the way of what it takes to get clear. Clear on what to do. Clear on how we feel. Clear on our truth. Clear on what’s next. Clear on why. And the shit is normally a cocktail of fear, hiding, other people’s opinions, the patriarchy’s bullshit and our own justifying, and doubt.

Here’s the deal…clarity requires honesty, and honest can be wildly uncomfortable.

To have clarity, to know what you feel, to know what to do, you’ve got to be brave enough to acknowledge the truth. The truth of what’s working for you and what’s not. The truth on what you really want, and what you don’t really want. The truth of what living in your power looks like. The truth of where your boundaries actually land. The truth of where you’ve been playing small in order to be accepted, anywhere.

You are bigger, braver, and more ready than you realize. You’re ready to look your truth square in the eyes. Because when you do, you’ll find clarity has been waiting there for you all along. And no matter where she takes you, you’ll be able to handle the outcome. Because it’s clear. So clear.

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