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My 6 Favorite Ways to Lift People Up

Not all days are good days. Not all moments are enjoyable. And sometimes, we are going through so much more than we’ll ever be able to communicate. We get stuck in our heads. We get bogged down by expectations. Or we’re in one of those seasons of life that feels just so hard. For all the reasons.

We all have hard days. Our best friends. Our family members. Our flight attendants. Our servers. The by standers. The classmates. Everyone has their challenges. And none of us are alone in our struggles, though it may feel that way while you’re in it.

Which is why we all need a little encouragement. All of us. Often, the best way to lift ourselves out of our own funk is to give a bit of cheer to someone else. Ironically, it always seems to not only lift their spirit, but lift ours, too.

Doing this is easy. So easy. So quick. It’s actually so simple to make someone else’s day (and to make our own at the same time). And what better time to be intentional about doing this than during the holidays? As everyone focuses on what to buy, it’s just as important to consider how we can wrap the people around us in good energy and thoughtfulness – both those we know and those we never will.

I’m always on the lookout for how to freely give positive energy. Inspired by Alaska Airlines and their Holiday Lift Guide (like SO inspired), I’ve put together a few ways I put my obsession with being a cheerleader of humans into action on the reg:

  1. Take a tourist’s picture. This is hands down one of my favorite moments to give someone. When a group of people is trying to smash into a selfie because they have no one to take their photo. Or when someone in the group is forced to miss out on the photo opp in order to get everyone else in the shot…I love to step in. When you see this happening, whether it’s at your town’s Christmas tree, or outside a dinner restaurant, offer to take their photo. Trust me, you’ll make their day.
  2. Write three reviews. Pick your favorite businesses, books, products or restaurants and take the time to give them a glowing review. It wasn’t until my book came out that I realized both how important and how difficult it is to get people to do this. So, if there’s something you really appreciate in your life, you’ll be able to make a meaningful difference in that person’s business with a couple quick sentences to support them. Words matter. And they’re easy to give.
  3. Send a handwritten gratitude note. Every new year I send out handwritten notes thanking the people that have made the biggest impact on my life. We don’t tell our people what they mean to us enough. Take a moment to pick someone who’s made an impact on the trajectory of your year and let them know. It’ll probably be just the words they needed to hear. And make it snail mail, it adds to the love.
  4. Compliment someone’s cheer, especially those in service-industries. If you’ve been anywhere during the holidays you know how wildly stressful it can get. From travel, to shopping, to restaurants, to the post office, when you see someone bringing a real amount of cheer to their work – tell them. Thank them. Let them know their good vibes have meant something to you. It’s a moment you’ll appreciate as much as they do.
  5. Offer an introduction to someone hustling their bootie off. The hustle is real. And we all have support we can give to help someone who’s trying to forge their own path. Connections are one of the most potent ways that someone’s life, business, and reality can change. Figure out someone in your life who could benefit from someone you know, and create that introduction for them. It’s free. But it’ll matter, regardless of what comes of it.
  6. Light a candle and make a wish for someone. Then text them the photo. If you know someone going through a hard time, if you know someone in a funk, if you know someone who could use your good vibes, light a candle and make a wish for them. Then send them a quick text of the candle. I do this with my Oprah candle multiple times a week. And trust me, it’s lifting both of us.

We have SO much more to give this holiday than presents. We have our encouragement. We have our positive energy. We have our intention. We have our love. So much love.

Tweet: We have SO much more to give this holiday than presents. We have our encouragement. We have our positive energy. We have our intention. We have our love. So much love. @maxiemccoy @alaskaair

Take some time to think about how you can lift someone up. You’ve got my ideas here, and there’s more suggestions in Alaska Airlines’ Holiday Lift Guide for all the people in your life. And we want to hear yours (because I need more ideas myself!!)

Share the ways you’re lifting others up with #TheLiftThatKeepsOnGiving and you could win two roundtrip flights anywhere Alaska flies.

This post was created in partnership with Alaska Airlines.

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