Maxie McCoy

Quit trying to keep up! Ask these two questions instead…

Most of the time we don’t even know that we’re doing it. We don’t know that we’re playing. We don’t realize that we’ve signed up for this crazy merry-go-round of KEEPING UP.

Keeping up with your friends.
Keeping up with how much money people make.
Keeping up with the achievements of your colleagues.
Keeping up with vacations.
Keeping up with looking good on the gram.
Keeping up with timelines, of what you’re supposed to have and when you’re supposed to have it.
Keeping up with the newest health trends.
Keeping up with beauty standards.
Keeping up with new technology.
Keeping up with things to have. People to be. Success to climb. Money to mount. Ways to look. Trends to master. Zen to keep. Places to go. Parties to attend. Phrases to say. Work to create.

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, But do I even want it?

And can you take that further to ask yourself, But why do I think I want this?

Somewhere in your answer is the truth. The truth to where you’re feeling pressured. The truth to what actually matters to you. The truth to where you’ve opted into this rat race of KEEPING UP. One that is devoid of soul. One that has lost its choice (aka your greatest freedom). One that isn’t grounded in what matters most to you, but rather sourced from how to make yourself matter.

You already matter. So quit trying to keep up. Tweet: You already matter. So quit trying to keep up. @maxiemccoy

When you come from that place, the place of mattering already, the place of having enough and being enough already, you make choices to pursue more from a place of alignment. And when you do that, you’ll find fulfillment every time.

Keeping up will run you dry. It’ll run you ragged. And there will always be someone to keep up with no matter what you’ve done, what you have, or who you are. So the only way to win the game of keeping up, is to stop keeping up entirely. Instead, create, pursue, and desire from a place that matters most to you and only you.

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