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You’re Not Alone: 10 Reminders for When You Feel Like Crap

It’s hard to remember – when you’re feeling blue. When your heart hurts like hell. When none of it makes any sense. When you’re confused. When you’re lost. When you’re disappointed. When you feel like a failure. When you’re consumed with grief. When you’ve made a bad choice. When you’re scared shitless. 

You’re not alone. 

You’re not alone for so many reasons. But mainly because there’s nothing in this shared human experience that hasn’t been lived through by someone else. In some way. In some version. And most times, there’s someone out there who has it worse. So too, there’s someone out there who holds the wisdom you need. 

So if you’re feeling alone in your crap feelings, for any reason under the sun….If you’re feeling like there’s no one you can tell….Or there’s no one who understands. Or there’s no one who could share in your feelings…Remember:

  1. Whatever you’re feeling is just a feeling. It’s not who you are. It’s not your life. Observe it without believing it.
  2. Expansion is painful. But it’s getting you to exactly where you’re supposed to be, it’s growing you there.
  3. Sit in your shit. Quit trying to get out of it so quickly. It’s teaching you. It’s part of the process. 
  4. Speak your fear and your pain. It loses its power in the light. Tweet: Speak your fear and your pain. It loses its power in the light.  @maxiemccoy
  5. Pray. To whomever you pray to. My call-on prayer for myself and others? Wrap me in grace.
  6. To get the wisdom you’re searching for, take some small step to ask.
  7. Look back – at other trying times. At other crappy feelings. At other down-in-the-dump funks. You’re strong as hell and made it through that. This situation is no different.
  8. Burdens are better together, and they multiply alone. So pick someone you can trust who will share the burdens of this moment with you.
  9. You have your future self. Talk to her. Speak your feelings into the recording of your phone. Or write it down in the pages of your journal. Feelings will relieve themselves there. And future you will be strengthened by being reminded of what you got through.
  10. This too shall pass. It always does. It always will.

Don’t for a second think that you’re alone in this. You’re not. A universe of love is swaddling you where you’re at. And there are loved ones near and far who’s honor it is to love you when you’re down, so let them.

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