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25 Things All Wise Women Do (and this woman is also you)

We need the wise women. Regardless of our age, or of theirs, wise women can be found anywhere. She can be found in you. A wise woman requires the work, the awareness, and the self compassion to be a container for the wisdom that flows. Find your wise women, keep them close. Find your inner wise woman, and follow her lead…

  1. She’ll ask you questions. Without worrying if the questions come back her way.
  2. She says ‘No’. Even though you’ll be disappointed. But she’ll be full.
  3. She walks away. When it costs her her power, she walks away.
  4. She has space for your doubt.
  5. She’ll hear your fuckups, and then share with you her truth. Not her judgement.
  6. She’s got boundaries. You’ll probably know about them.
  7. She’ll touch you when you cry.
  8. She gives wisdom. Not projection. Not advice. You always know the difference because you can feel it.
  9. She doesn’t fight with life. She flows with it.
  10. She owns her decisions. Personal responsibility. No matter what.
  11. She learns wisdom the same way we all do, hard earned. She’s been there.
  12. She knows who she spends time with matters.
  13. She makes decisions with intention.
  14. She embraces age as a deepening of wisdom. Not a loss of youth.
  15. She’d rather connect with one than be seen by all.
  16. She isn’t threatened by what you have because she knows why she’s here.
  17. She doesn’t have all the answers.
  18. She creates as a process, not for an outcome.
  19. She understands the difference between what’s important and what’s achievement.
  20. She knows the power of her words, and she doesn’t let that potency become poison – for her or for you.
  21. She has light behind her eyes. It’s optimism. And hope. And presence.
  22. She doesn’t concern herself with what’s trivial, and yet she understands that it might not be trivial to you.Tweet: A wise woman doesn't concern herself with the trivial, and yet she understands that it might not be trivial to you.
  23. She shows you the difference between power and influence. The latter being so much less of what you need.
  24. She speaks up, even when no one is listening. Even when no one thinks she’s right.
  25. She leads you to your own wisdom. Always.

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