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Does your vision of success depend on expansion?

You’ll experience a million transition points in your life. Some will be amazing celebrations that usher you into the stage you’ve been dreaming of. Others will be wrought with pressure and discomfort as you experience the unknown that’s guaranteed anytime you’re in something new.

Graduating, promotions, falling in love, launching a business, becoming a mother, waking up to your spirit, taking on a new hobby. You name it, and shit’s changing.

Sometimes, life is blowing up in all the good and crazy ways. You’re out there. You’re moving quickly. You’re producing. You’re creating. You’re flowing and it’s big. Sometimes too big. And not always because you asked for it to be this way.

Other times, you’re reflecting. You’re pairing down. You’re pulling back. Things are falling through. Falling off. Breaking up. Breaking down. Sometimes it’s a choice. Sometimes it’s being chosen for you. And not always because you want it to be this way.

Expansion. And contraction. It’s the way nature blooms and hibernates. It’s the way bodies grow in order to create new life, and then come back down. It’s what happens to the air. It’s what happens to our joints. Expand. Contract. Expand and contract.

But yet we fight it. The change. The shift. The transition. And why? Given this is such a normal part of what happens all around us. Why do we believe the events of our lives should be any different?

I find that I judge this process. A lot. Especially as the contraction piece is happening. I lament against “everything going wrong” – parts of the business are breaking down, my friend group has gotten smaller, more of my money is invested in other things so the bank account looks down, people have pulled away, accolades or press or achievements are farther between. I’m not so good during the contraction phase. I should be doing more. Growing more. Having more. Expanding more.

Or should I? Should we? Does success have to depend on expansion?Tweet: Does success have to depend on expansion? @maxiemccoyAccumulation? Growth? Or are we measuring expansion, accumulation, and growth in all the wrong ways? Do we have it defined completely wrong? It can’t be “up and to the right” forever…can it? We’ll deplete our resources, ourselves, our time, our energy. At some point we’ll have to contract.

And when that times comes, whether it’s because your team got smaller, your focus got narrower, or your resources got tighter…try not to qualify it as “bad” or “wrong”. Try and see this contraction as one of the many phases, one of the normal & natural parts of human life. Don’t judge it, or you. Revel in the time to be quieter, more reflective and less busy. Settle into less, if you can. Let yourself have the space that expansion normally fills. Do that, and you’ll see how much beauty and creation can be made from the time with which you’re not expanding.

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