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Why you should re-examine your past decisions

I overheard a woman explain 2020 in a perfect way: It’s like we were all on this hamster wheel. Going and going and going. Then, 2020 came and knocked us all off. We’re on our butts with the spins. Some people want to get back on that hamster wheel like nothing ever happened. Some of us just want to lie here for a while until the world stops spinning. And some of us want to get moving, but not on that wheel.

I have been at all three of those stages. I wanted to get back to my old normal. I’ve wanted to do absolutely nothing for a while and sulk about how all the things I used to love are irrelevant now. And now I’m just beginning to move again into building a new normal for myself altogether. These probably aren’t so different from the stages of grief.

Regardless of wheel or no wheel, one thing remains completely clear. Many of the past decisions we made to orient our lives no longer apply. So maybe it’s time for new decisions. Tweet: Many of the past decisions we made to orient our lives no longer apply. So maybe it's time for new decisions. https://ctt.ec/Fmv7s+ @maxiemccoyOr at minimum, to re-examine the past decisions we’re applying to this new life to see if they still stick. It’s something some are willing to do right now, but it’s something all of us should probably consider. Maybe ask yourself…

Are you living in a city or home or apartment that doesn’t serve you in this new reality?

Are you doing work that should or could be done differently to better serve your consumers and how their realities have changed, too?

Are your routines ones that still make sense?

Do you need to create a new plan for self care in these trying times?

Do you still like & enjoy your work now that your work has totally shifted?

Do your goals make sense?

Do your relationships need a different way of maintaining closeness and connective tissue now?

You deserve a bright future. You deserve to feel good, to feel excited, to feel proud…even if everything is upside down. That might require a willingness to re-examine past decisions that were made based on a certain set of facts. See which facts are no longer true for you. Then see which decisions no longer apply.

Here’s a little journal exercise I scripted out to do just that…
– ask yourself how do I want to feel in the coming months?
– given that answer…what old decisions need to be re-decided?
– and what new decisions need to be made in order to feel that way?

Remember, we have many chapters of our lives. The ones ahead can absolutely be a different kind of joy…even if it’s not the joy we had in mind. Let go of what you thought ‘would be.’ And let yourself re-examine and re-decide based on ‘what is.’

With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

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