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The life-changing power of making something.

I’m not a big fan of being productive. It feels like something we’ve put on a pedestal of glory. Get more done. Make more Money. Grow More. Do More. Be More. Cuz it’s productive. It feels icky to me. It feels like a measure of the wrong things. It feels like something a bunch of bros in hoodies in the offices of the town I live in tried to convince me would cure all my woes.

In reality, I suppose I’m just not a fan of the word productive. Because I know that against all odds, I made some really beautiful shit out the dumpster fire that was this year. Aside from lovely personal moments that will stay personal (lol), aside from career setbacks and ultimate resilience, aside from battling the unknown at every turn…because I’m proud of all of those….I’m most proud of having made something. I made WOMAN ON to build women up and in turn WOMAN ON built me.

Last week, after 11 life-giving episodes and over 1500 live hours that women spent with me live, we wrapped the very first season. Turns out, this ‘talk-show meets Sunday school’ concept has some real legs. It wasn’t easy to make this thing in a time when the world feels like it’s coming undone. And my brain has felt similar on certain days. But whether it was birthing this company, sitting down to craft another page in my novel, to make a cookie, or to make a moment of connection….I realized we gotta make things. No matter how small. Not because it makes us productive, but because it makes us feel alive. What you make, ultimately, makes you. It makes you better. It makes you fuller. It builds you up. CTT

I pulled out some of my favorite moments of Szn 1. And I obvi hope you’ll join me in January for Szn 2. Until then, make something small that will bring you joy. And here’s a little hope to carry you forward while you do:

“When you think this is a competition,
you’re reinforcing the idea that there can only be one.”

Comedian & actress Danielle Perez gives you the reminder you need to celebrate other people, not compete with them. You’ll have your time in the sun, too. Instead of fighting for the spots, she’s making more and sharing how + all her hard-earned secrets about comedy, writing, creating. Resonate much? Listen to her episode then download our worksheet to get your creativity flowing.

“Some days I hate my body. Some days I love my body, but everyday I respect my body.”

Bethany Meyers shared this oh-so-relatable point. They’re a big champion of body neutrality. So, like, if you don’t feel totally in love with all things bod in the middle of a pandemic… it’s totally okay. You’re likely to have a lightbulb from this convo and asking yourself these Qs. 

“Mother something. Mother someone. Mother a community.”

As author and activist Jodie Patterson puts it: mothering is so important, but it doesn’t require giving birth. Watch her call to arms for the society-shifting nature of mothering and see how that shows up in your own life with these Qs. 

“…there’s a lot of darkness. But with darkness comes the light.”

Founder Naj Austin reminded us that joy isn’t illegal, and to make time and space for it even when everything else feels hard. ⁠Not sure where to find it? It just might be right outside your door. Listen to her explain. And this set of questions will help you find it, too

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