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4 Tiny Changes for a Happier Year + (Announcement!!)

Everything we’re surrounded by basically screams the same thing: MAKE IT BIG, HUGE, BIGGER. Like our achievements, our success, our life, our ‘squad’, our vision, our perspective…we’re told that it all needs to be big. 

As I was going through my gratitude journal from 2020 (what a KEEPER ha), I was reminded of what I know to be true: that what we’re longing for typically doesn’t happen in the big moments. It happens in the little ones. Like sure, publishing a book is great and a huge dream, but it really doesn’t measure up to the tiny moments of readers telling me what action they took in their own life because of it. And no goal could ever make me happier than I am in the quiet Sunday morning moments cuddling with my man, the pup, while he sings to us. There’s not a piece of press, a promotion, or an ‘accomplishment’ that could fill me up more than laughing hysterically with my best friends while we’re walking along the beach at sunset, her new baby addition in tow. 

There’s things that matter. And there’s things that we think matter. Learning the difference is really, really important. I believe it’s possible to do that without it being ‘the hard way’. 

So in an effort to call in the moments more, especially during these hard times, here’s a few tiny changes I’m making for a happier year:

Moving daily. I’ve had my apple watch for a while but now I’m really using it. No more sedentary life for me (did you know anything less than 5,000 steps a day is considered sedentary? Oops.) Moving moves our energy. It clears our emotions. It gives us the happy chemicals. It loosens up the grip of our thoughts. You don’t have to run a marathon this year. You don’t have to workout every day. You just need to move your body. Make it small so you can wrap your head around it without feeling the pressure of more

Complimenting more. It’s a powerful thing when you receive encouragement out of no where. I have friends that are SO good at doing this for me, and I want to do the same. BTW this includes myself. When I catch my own eye in the mirror I say something nice, out loud, (and then can’t help but to laugh at how ridiculous it feels to do that but also how nice). A text, an email, a voice memo to remind your people, they’re OK. They’ve got this. You love them. We’re still breathing. The little things. 

Taking vitamins. I mean, I can’t deal with how basic this is but I even got myself a hot pink pill box to make it easier. It’s the basics that I know are important, but that I’ve been totally bad at getting in my diet or in my supplements. The difference I feel from almost a month of doing this is sorta ridiculous. Turns out, vitamin deficiencies can really throw you off. Also turns out that cookie dough for dinner isn’t exactly a great source of vitamins 😉 

Fewer, more impactful gatherings. Less moments but more of intention. That’s what I’m going for. Even when the majority of them are digital. It’s why I’m REALLY excited about SZN 2 of WOMAN ON (My exciting announcement below!!) I’m leading 4 live workshops, 4 small group discussions, all with the goal of giving you the confidence you need to move forward in tiny ways and a weekly show to support. So if you’ve got a small goal you want some support on and also want to be wiser with the ‘digital gatherings’ you show up for, this 8-week session is for YOU. (And for me…I really cannot wait)

Whatever pressure you’re putting on yourself for ‘big things’ this year, set it down. And choose really small changes instead. Try something new. Pick up something old. Lower the bar on yourself (there I said it). And take it a day at a time. 

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