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Do you doubt yourself?

I’ve been having a lot of conversation lately about doubt. The doubt we feel about what’s next. The doubt we feel about our ability to make our dreams come true. The doubt we feel about figuring this wild thing called life out. As the facilitator of these conversations, I see just how much it weighs us down. There are these huge wins that we experience, followed by a sh*t ton of doubt.

I’m ironically facilitating these conversations at (conveniently) the same time that I’m facing plenty of doubt myself. Because a huge part of my world got flipped upside down unexpectedly. Because the future I was building towards is not the same one that it was 2 months ago. Because I’m figuring out in real time my ability to create what’s next for myself when what I thought as next is not longer the plan. It’s scary. It’s uncomfortable. It’s full of doubt (and fear, which aren’t the same, but we’ll tack that later).

My feelings right now are very similar to the feeling of every woman ever in one of my hosted conversations: Will I choose right? Will I say it right? Will I handle this right? I just have so much doubt. And then, isn’t this my favorite part. We feel those doubtful thoughts and label them with this ridiculously clinical term called “impostor syndrome.” AND THEN, we advise each other to just “fake it” until you make it. Until you feel better. Until you feel like you belong.

The whole cycle is just messed up. It’s OK that you doubt yourself. It’s OK that you’ve second guessed your choices and your actions. It’s OK that you’re worried about how it’ll all turn out. You don’t to need label your experience “the impostor syndrome” because you’re not the reason you feel that way. And you don’t need to just “fake it” until you feel better because any action you take in spite of your doubt isn’t faking it. Doubt means you’re showing up for things you’re not good at. Doubt means that you’re expanding. You’re not faking it til you make it; you’re just making it. Tweet: You’re not faking it til you make it; you’re just making it. https://ctt.ec/OA27K+ @maxiemccoy

Remember that the next time you doubt yourself. And join me this Sunday @ 3pm PST for a free workshop that’ll provide you the game-changing strategies I use and teach to combat doubt.

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