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How to be in love with your life 

There’s an infinite amount of possibilities to wish for – more this, more that, more of this but with a little of that. More like them but less like those people. Desires are unique to us, yet not novel at all. If you listen to someone detail what they dream for – like really listen – it orbits around versions of the same thing: to feel love. 

The pathway we think will take us there, to that feeling, is one of pursuit. One outside of ourselves. We view love as something that comes to us: from the people that choose us, people that show up for us, people that say nice things, people that buy our things, people that see our value and make us feel seen, valid and worthy.

Only in spiritual and religious circles (and quotes of Ghandi on social media) will you be consistently reminded that love isn’t something to chase, but something to generate. To be love. To actively show up and demonstrate the love you wish to receive. 

Here’s what’s wild, when you take that prescription for love and choose to be it…feel it…show it before it’s done onto you, something happens…you very much feel loved. You feel the tingle of the things that you wished were coming to you, because essentially you beat reality to it. 

That’s where being in love with your life starts – where you are, with what you have, as things are.

Believe it or not you don’t actually need to do much to self-generate love, either. You don’t need things to change. You don’t need a person. You don’t need a vacation. You don’t need the house or the meditation practice or the drugs. You just need to get your head to stop spinning in thoughts and create a centrifugal force that separates you from the energy of love that’s all around you. 

I was walking through the park last week and a man handed me a dried palm in the shape of a rose. I didn’t have any cash to give him in return but he smiled and said he didn’t want any. He just wanted to give a rose to the lady in red (I was wearing a red dress) – and it delighted me, obviously. The rose is on the mantle in my living room.

The moments of love like this – the ones that make us feel open and connected with our lives – are everywhere, but not if your brain isn’t trained to look for them. Like the kind text out of the blue. The smile from a stranger. The person in front of you that buys your coffee. The puppy that licks your leg. To see them, you have to view them through the lens of love. You’ve got to step into the frequency of feeling like the moment is one of connection and kindness, in order to filter your reality as such.

I don’t always feel loving. When my brain gets going, or I get worried, or I’m just in a mood from shit “not going my way”…I could stay that way and chalk it up as an off day or hormones or needing more vegetables and praying for the circumstance to feel love show up “tomorrow”. That’s basically the method I’ve followed for years. Don’t get too down about a down day, but don’t do much to immediately shift it either.

I’ve been on a journey to take a different approach, to access love in an instant because it’s always with me so why wouldn’t I? I literally (true statement) breath and imagine a white neon light flower-thing blossoming from my chest. I’ve been trying to train my body to shift quickly into feeling that source of gratitude and love – eyes open, eyes shut, standing up, laying down. And that’s the image that helps me.

Your pathway from funk to feel-good could be looking at a photo of your baby or dog or partner, or thinking about something loving in the future, or stretching your chest cavity open and breathing into it, or staring at tree in awe of the way light drips in through the leaves, or playing music and allowing your body be lifted by the harmonics – Essentially looking for love until you not only see it, but feel it. I promise it’ll show. It always does when you place your attention there.

Falling completely in love with your life simply requires nothing more.

“The best way to hide god from a human is to put it within them.” So, go there and find the love.

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