Maxie McCoy

Category: Health

The Thing About Your Physical Pain

The thing about physical pain is it’s not just about the pain. There’s more. Way more. That is rarely explored. Your back hurts…damn boxes. Neck tweaked…bad nights sleep. Rash…new lotion. Bee sting…dumb bee. Stomach aches…dairy. Stubbed toe…effing rock. You pop advil. Take pain killers. And lament the pain. But what if it wasn’t the boxes, or the bee, or the dairy…and it was...
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The Creeping Shadow of Your Unselfish Ways

Share. Share your time. Share your contacts. Your thoughts. Your drink. A sip here, a sip there. What’s the matter with being someone who shares? What’s the problem with someone who says yes? Who wants to help. Who goes with the flow. Who seeks to be amenable. Who wants it to work for everyone. It’s the shadow. The one that...
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I’m Quitting Sugar…Whattttt??

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to sugar…. My hand is over here in NYC raised and waving feverishly. I’m blaming Europe (because of course I’m not going to take personal responsibility, ha), but I’m straight up on a sugar addiction right now. If you’re envisioning candy bars over veggies, picking juice over water, crazy delish starbucks drinks instead of...
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10 in 2014

With every day that passes us by, so too does time. It’s blows my mind how those days turn into years which then make up entire chapters in our lives. And without even realizing it, we’ve become who we set out to be. But that doesn’t happen until we push and continue pushing ourselves. In each of those moments and...
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