Maxie McCoy

Category: Inspiration

Do your friends ever sorta suck?

I’ve been a crap friend before. I’ve handled the end of a friendship with less grace than I’d like. I’ve gotten jealous. I’ve been too busy to really be there. I’ve avoided hard conversations in fear of getting it wrong. I’ve put my foot in my mouth. I’ve been careless. I’ve been defensive. Because I’m a human. AND, I’ve learned...
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Are you barely getting by? Thoughts + a worksheet to help.

I cried three separate times in a 24-hour period last week. About three separate issues. Related to three separate people. Snotty, hands-over-the-face, melt downs. Anytime someone asked how I was at the beginning of a call or meeting, I responded with a half-smile, “Hanging in there.” But what I really meant was…I’m barely getting by. The physical well-being of so...
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