Maxie McCoy

Category: Money

You must know this about time

Have you ever noticed a common thread happening in your life? Maybe it’s a topic that has come up in a bunch of different conversations with your galpals. Or maybe it’s just a mantra that ends up applying itself to a bunch of different situations happening to you lately. A thread really pounding itself into my consciousness is that time,...
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A place you MUST visit

*Reprise: It’s been exactly a year since I took the most life changing trip traveling alone through northern India. It was the absolute greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. In true nostalgic spirit, there’s no better way to relive the trip than with a read through this post. It truly is a place you must visit. I hope you’ll go....
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What are you waiting for?

Dreams and goals are so valuable to have. If you don’t have any at the moment, I encourage you to set some time aside and get really clear with what you want out of this life, or even just this year. And then there’s those of you who are similar to me: you know exactly what you want. Or a...
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A Book is the New Business Card

I’ll never forget where I was when it happened. I was enjoying a celebratory glass of wine on the patio of Park Tavern with Kyle, when I got the insane¬†insane update from my cowriters, Matt and Kristen… Our book had just hit the Top 100 list on Amazon. It set off the goosebumps, invoked massive wide eyes, and an overall...
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10 in 2014

With every day that passes us by, so too does time. It’s blows my mind how those days turn into years which then make up entire chapters in our lives. And without even realizing it, we’ve become who we set out to be. But that doesn’t happen until we push and continue pushing ourselves. In each of those moments and...
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Never thought I’d be here

It’s so funny how life takes us by the hand, down paths we never expected to travel. I’ve been a goal setter from an early age, managing my life to self-imposed milestones. If you asked me at 20 years old what I’d be doing right now, it would have included some major sports channel with a job hosting, preferably football...
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