Maxie McCoy

Category: Relationships

Do your friends ever sorta suck?

I’ve been a crap friend before. I’ve handled the end of a friendship with less grace than I’d like. I’ve gotten jealous. I’ve been too busy to really be there. I’ve avoided hard conversations in fear of getting it wrong. I’ve put my foot in my mouth. I’ve been careless. I’ve been defensive. Because I’m a human. AND, I’ve learned...
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What makes your life rich?

Experiencing loss comes in many different forms. When you have something that matters to you deeply and you lose it, there’s a hole. It’s an emptiness that feels like someone came and hollowed out the sole of your shoes. You might be standing in the exact same place looking at the exact same vistas, but it just feels different. And...
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Does your vision of success depend on expansion?

You’ll experience a million transition points in your life. Some will be amazing celebrations that usher you into the stage you’ve been dreaming of. Others will be wrought with pressure and discomfort as you experience the unknown that’s guaranteed anytime you’re in something new. Graduating, promotions, falling in love, launching a business, becoming a mother, waking up to your spirit,...
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