Maxie McCoy

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5 morning emails you need

Our inboxes are OOC. Out. of. Control. Literally anything we do on the internet requires opting into a mailing list. And before we know it we have 20+ emails before 9am local time from a host of outlets. I think it’s just something we have to accept. And thus a spring cleaning of our subscriptions is necessary. Every few months...
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The Slow Morning

I’ve made a change. A very big change. I’ve completely stopped rushing my mornings. You know the mornings I’m talking about. The alarm goes off and the next 30-75 minutes are filled with one things to the next: shower, emails, getting ready, emails, computer, facebook, breakfast, cleaning, more emails. From the time I wake up until the time I’ve started...
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Feel Your Future

I’m the future’s biggest fan. One of my key strengths is futuristic- I’m able to envision what I want and how I see my life playing out pretty clearly. Does it always pan out that way? Of course not. But I see the future before I see the present most times. Which can be a huge asset. But it can...
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