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#IndiaInstagram Must Haves

The past week or so in San Francisco has been oh so rainy and chilly, leaving me nostalgic about the warm adventures I had in India. I’ve found myself browsing through all my old photos, reliving the trip with each swipe of the photo. I love really amazing experiences for that reason. They are like gifts that you can come back...
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But keep the old

Dear New Year’s Resolutions….You were fun while you lasted. Sincerely, January 3rd. I found this little joke in a NYE card at my favorite little neighborhood card shop. How true right? New Year’s Resolutions, while awesome in theory, tend to be a whole host of things we’re going to change. While the new year is an amazing opportunity at a...
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The power of a personal compass

It feels like it’s been a decade since I was sitting with my coworkers at the time, glued to a life coach who was telling us the importance of a personal mission statement. She had us journaling away about our purpose, doing a process of elimination with our values, and creating one sentence that was supposed to direct all of...
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Introducing “Ask Maxie”

“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.” – Chinese Proverb I was recently with a couple dynamo women chatting about all kinds of things and they referenced a particular subset of individuals that I had never heard of before (Gen C in case you’re wondering what I didn’t know)....
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Don’t Dress Rehearse Tragedy

I thought I was alone. I was convinced I was the only person who would begin to vividly detail tragic things happening to me or my family whenever something really really good was happening. I never knew why it always happened. I never understood what would send my day dreams to such a dark place whenever I was really happy...
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Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Louis Pasteur definitely got it right. When we’re prepared, Murphy’s law doesn’t feel quite as intense. I’m about to fly to India for my #SoloYolo. Im surrendering to all that will show up for me throughout the cities of northern India. I know as I write this though, that things are bound to go wrong. Somewhere, something will not go accordingly...
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Be Magnetic

We all know those people as soon as we meet them. More importantly, we remember them. They draw us in with their energy and leave us feeling inspired and motivated. It’s as if they helped us realize the best version of ourselves. They have a way of commanding the room, yet bring a warmth that makes us feel heard. It...
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