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Overwhelmed by this all? 14 Questions to Help

Bad days happen. Stressed days happen. Shitty days happen. Numb days happen. Just fine days happen. And some good ones occasionally, too. But the feeling I’m hearing the most from what we’re all facing – no matter what the individual situation looks like – is completely, utterly, overwhelmed. Overwhelmed because there’s too much happening too quickly. Too much changing. Because...
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How to Compromise without Losing Yourself

Text to a friend: “When does compromising become compromise of SELF?” Like with all things that make me wonder, I wondered in writing. Because running big questions by good friends is always a good idea. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. About boundaries. About self expression. About righteousness. About honoring my truth while respecting someone else’s. About caring for...
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How to Find the Answers You’re Looking For

When I’m searching for solutions, the last thing I want to hear is: “Ah, but you have everything you need.” Not because they’re annoying. Not because the advice is trope-y. Not because it feels unhelpful. But mainly because they’re normally totally right. And I don’t want to hear it. Because it doesn’t FEEL like I have what I need. Especially...
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What to do When Your Doubt is Winning

Some days… I wonder what this is all for.Sometimes… I ignore emails because I don’t want to deal. Every once in while I could care less. About my work. About my goals. About things that I’m insanely passionate about the other 95% of my time. Here and there I consider giving it all up entirely. I have moments where I...
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Two Steps Back? Why That’s Totally OK

I thought I was over this. Oh, how I’ve said it. And these days…more than I’d like. Why does it feel like I’m moving backwards? Yup, I’ve felt it. And lately…more than I’d hope. Luckily, loving girlfriends remind me of what I’d remind them. That this is all most definitely part of the process. That it’s not all forward all...
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What My Favorite Women all Have in Common

Women inspire me. Regularly. Often. I learn something from almost every interaction. Being around women deeply connected to their own power is like a master class in how to do the same. It’s a reflection of where you have left to grow (which will always be a thing), and the small places you can make another person feel seen. So,...
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