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A better way to measure success

I’ll never forget sitting at a breakfast table with founder and then- Chairman of lululemon, Chip Wilson. Along with about 20 others, I listened to him talk about lululemon’s insane growth and success. Not once did he say anything about the amount of yoga pants he had sold. He didn’t talk in achievements or success as we typically hear it (or measure ourselves)....
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Just do this.

We all have plenty to worry about. Plenty. But are we worrying about the right things? Are you worrying about the right thing? I remember earlier this year before I left for almost three incredible months in Europe, I was worried about one very specific thing: my rain gear. Forget the 15+ events in 8 weeks and all of those details....
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You’ll look good in this #MaxieLoves

Every once in a while you meet someone with total spark, or sparkle as we’d say in the south. They’re amazing to be around. Loving. Optimistic. and Supportive. But what truly makes them sparkle is the way they use their energy for others. Everyone they meet is left feeling brighter. Truly, the communities around them are better because they exist....
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The ultimate reason to be kind

There will be times that kindness doesn’t feel possible. You’ll feel hurt. You’ll feel slighted. You’ll feel wronged. And in those moments, the last thing you’ll want to do is to be nice to someone. You’ll want them to feel what you were feeling. When you’re in the quiet of your own thoughts, you’ll circle through all the silver tongued ways...
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