The Brand

M circle

Here to inspire billions. Full stop. And lofty goals are totally my thing. This brand is committed to helping you go inward and understand your greatest connection – to yourself. and to this world. Where you can start to make sense of your challenges, of your talents, and your finally find your way.

Everyone that has been a part of making Maxie a reality, and everyone that will be a part of this team in the future is passionate and committed to the same level of making our mark. How can we be better in order to bring more value? How can we provide more so that you can live bigger? How can the wisdom we discover as a collective group be scaled to the masses – so we’re all leading bright, loving, connected lives…ones that will inspire others to do the same?

The Treasure Chest of Humans That Make This Possible:

Me! Voice. Energy. Creator. Innovator. The Inspiration Whisperer.

Jessica: The talented visual communicator behind Maxie experiences and collateral.

Erica: The editor that makes me look good every week.

Sullivan and 3rd: Design Geniuses. The end.

Ansley Fones: Divine Developer

Sarah Deragon: Director and Catcher of the biggest personality photos you could dream of.

Alison: My business coach. And the best thing that has happened to my business.

Melissa: My agent. And partner in crime when it comes to inspiring anywhere and everywhere.

You. My reason.